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To: The North, East, and West Devon Success Regime.

Save our A & E, Baby Unit, and Stroke Department. North Devon District Hospital.

Please do NOT CLOSE THE A & E, Baby unit, and Stroke Departments at North Devon District Hospital.

Why is this important?

If it closes the nearest A & E Departments are Exeter 54 miles away. Taunton 50 miles. Travelling times depend on the volume of traffic and can vary from day to day, and we are talking hours NOT minutes.
Both require traveling along 'The Notorious A361' link road to the M5.
Anyone with a medical condition called S.V.T. Supraventrical Tachycardia, has to get to an A & E Dept with urgency for a drug called Adenosine. Which has to be injected intravenously then followed by a flushing injection to stop the heart for a split second to get the TWO Halves of the heart to beat normally again.
This procedure needs at least TWO Doctors & 3 Nurses present.
This is just one, there must be Hundreds if not thousands of medical conditions that need immediate attention
I personally had to move house twice to be near an A & E, I don't want to move again at 70yrs old.

North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple

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Reasons for signing

  • I was born here would be bad to lose it
  • I have just received this. Barnstaple A & E & maternity units are being forced to close their departments. Staff have been instructed NOT to talk about it until after the election.
  • We are a significant farming community, farming is recognised as one of if not the most dangerous industry on the UK. We cannot be left so far from emergency medical help.


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