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To: The UK Government

Save Our BBC

Stop your political attack on our BBC.
Stop attempting to undermine the BBC and the role it plays in independently holding the government to account.
Don't scrap the licence fee, don't cut TV & radio stations, don't cut services.

Why is this important?

As we face the current health crisis, it has never been more important to have trusted news and information that we, as a nation, can rely on.

But only a few weeks ago, the government floated a plan that would cut hundreds of millions of pounds in funding from the BBC, which would affect the services and programmes we rely on.

They've pledged to scrap the licence fee and cut dozens of TV & radio stations and want to "prune" its reach into people's homes. It's a thinly veiled attempt to clamp down on being held to account.

Our BBC is a world leading public service. The way that it is funded means that it's independent of government and corporate pressure. At a time when fake news can spread like wildfire and when so much is at stake, this is a dangerous attack.

Already MPs from all parties are up in arms about this attack, but to stop it, it's going to take a huge amount of public pressure. Please sign and share this petition.


Reasons for signing

  • TheBbc is one of the few channels that is worth looking at . So much of what is available is banal and interspersed with so many adverts that if the BBC were to go I would stop watching tv.
  • in this state of national crisis I depend on BBcC for reliable information. nowhere else comes close, particularly Downing Street.
  • As Jim Morrison said - who ever controls the media controls the future , keep fake media out of the UK


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