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To: Newham Council

Save Our Kids Free Meals in Newham

Today Newham Council have backed down and will no longer cut the Eat for Free scheme which gives a hot meal in term time to about 14,000 children (see the link below). My heartfelt thanks to all of you who signed and shared the petition and made this change happen. The best of our councillors joined with us in speaking out, as did East Ham MP Stephen Timms. The success of the campaign shows that collectively we can make a difference and stand up against cuts. Our children deserve better and we fought for them. Thank you.

Save Our Kids Free Meals in Newham

We call on Newham Council - Please don't cut the Eat For Free meals scheme for junior age children in Newham. We are one of the poorest boroughs in the country, many of our children live in poverty. Think again!

Why is this important?

The Eat For Free scheme provides a free hot meal during school term time. It brings both educational and health benefits and this has been validated by a study from the University of Essex. A family with two children save around £700 per year using the scheme. Newham has high rates of poverty and deprivation. We have suffered disproportionately during Covid and many of our families have lost their jobs. How can a Labour Council take food from the mouths of its children?

London Borough of Newham, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I did
  • To help our school children
  • Please sign this petition to help community.


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