To: Carmarthenshire County Council

Save our local Disabled Children's Respite Centres

Save our local Disabled Children's Respite Centres

To review the proposed budget cuts resulting in closure of our local Children's Respite Centre which provides children with very complex disabilities and their families respite which is a lifeline for the families involved.

Why is this important?

These respite centres offer overnight respite to children with very complex disabilities which for the children and families involved is so crucial to enable the families involved to have a break and recharge from caring for a night as caring for these children is very demanding emotionally and physically as alot if the children have very challenging behaviours aswell as health needs. It is also often the only time some the carers get a chance to have a nights sleep or spend time with the child's siblings etc.

It is also really important for the children involved as they don't have the opportunity to mix with peers in the way children without complex disabilities do so this gives them a safe environment where they can spend time with their friends and also learn a little bit of independence away from carer and to mix with others somewhere they feel safe and comfortable.

This is often a lifeline for families preventing the breakdown of these families under extemely stressful circumstances. To quote one parent who relies on this service "my child would be in full time care is it wasn't for this service" and this also goes for alot of the families involved but just proves what a vital service it is.

Reasons for signing

  • vital resource
  • Disability should be supported as it not only affects the individual but all the people around them. It is imperative that all receive help and support.
  • As a parent of a child with disabilities it is important to have places like this available to enable parents and carers to have a break and know that their child is safe and cared for


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