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Save Our Ruined Right Of Way in Winchcombe

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Sorrow Winchcombe

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Save Our Ruined Right Of Way in Winchcombe

This petition is calling for Gloucestershire Public Rights of Way to take action over the destruction of a stone footpath, part of the Winchcombe Way, at Wadfield Farm, Winchcombe.
SORROW is petitioning for: The former stone footpath to be reinstated; the removal of dangerous and unnecessary barbed wire fencing; the removal of misleading signage; that action be taken over the erection of a stile; the erection of a low gateway; the re-siting of a footpath sign and the diversion of the path off Brockhampton Road, none of which has been done with RoW permission.

Why is this important?

This stretch of footpath from Winchcombe to Humblebee, is a much-used and popular path for walkers and visitors, both locally, nationally and internationally. It forms part of the 44-mile Winchcombe Way and is a part of a circular walking route to historic Belas Knap. It takes walkers through scenic Cotswolds and provides stunning views over Winchcombe and surrounding countryside. It formed part of the Cotswold Way National Trail until 2010 and became the Winchcombe Way in 2014.

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures to Gloucestershire County Council's Principal Public Rights of Way Officer, Mr Alan Bently.

Winchcombe, Cheltenham GL54, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • So important to protect our public footpaths, especially at this time. We don’t have a park in Winchcombe and, if you like, the public rights of way serve, for those of us who don’t have an extensive estate or perhaps even a garden, the public rights of way provide the only means we have of getting out there for exercise.
  • These public footpath rights of access need to be preserved so people can continue to enjoy the countryside now and in the future. If barb wire fencing has been illegally erected as described to prevent access to what is a public right of way this is outrageous and should be removed immediately before someone removes it for them!
  • We were shouted at aggressively by the landowner when the way was unmarked and impassable with mud (due to removal of stone path) for supposedly deviating from his imaginary line denoting the path edge. We were not stepping on any crops. He is extremely aggressive and should not be allowed to make walkers so uncomfortable they stop using this beautiful path, the best way up to Belas Knap from Winchcombe and an ancient way. We complained to the council at the time but no response from them.


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