To: Newcastle City Council

Save Our Services for Children & Young People in Tyneside

Save Our Services for Children & Young People in Tyneside

We the undersigned, say NO to the unnecessary cuts to our services imposed by the local council and national government. We believe the proposed budget is unfair and will be immensely damaging to our communities. We demand a budget based on real needs that recognises the human rights of Newcastle's children and young people.

Why is this important?

The council are proposing to make over £90 MILLION worth of cuts to public services.

They are proposing to:

To close ALL play centres by March 31st 2013
To close ALL council youth clubs and services by March 31st 2013
To close MOST of the cities libraries
To close Elswick, City and Gosforth swimming pools
To make MASSIVE cuts to Social Services
To make MASSIVE cuts in Leisure Services
To cut Sure Start children centres by over £4 MILLION
To make over 1300 council staff REDUNDANT
To make MASSIVE cuts in Parks Services.

Children and Young People will be unfairly affected as they are primary users of the services that are going to be cut.

The council is not consulting with the cities children & young people. It is vital that their voices are heard when such drastic cuts are being made that will affect their lives, neighbourhoods and the community of Newcastle as a whole.

They are the future of the city, let’s support them to ensure they have the opportunity to learn, socialise, be creative, have fun and live in a place they are proud of.

Save Our Services (SOS) is a free and & open campaign for anyone who opposes all cuts to public services. We need to unite to prevent the closure of all services and help make the council set a budget based on the needs of its citizens and not the pressure of central government.

For more info:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @SOSTyneside
Facebook Group: saveourservicestoon

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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