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To: Poole Council

Save Poole Park Railway

Save Poole Park Railway

Save Poole Park Railway track.

Why is this important?

Update from Chris Bullen Guys we are now preparing a face book page and a petition outlining the truth.. this will be the official page about not saving the railway or even fundraising it is about saving the track. The council have demanded the rails to be removed by the end of February. So the railway operation can be tendered to any interested parties. However if these rails are removed when and if they are replaced the whole railway will need to be fully fenced both sides. As a Poole park user you know this is not possible or even likely and Chris Bullen feels he will be responsible for the demise on Poole park railway forever. Will keep you all updated on here till we have finalised the Facebook.. Chris bullen is deverstated at the news he received today in his meeting and only has the future of poolepark railway at heart for future generations regardless of who wins the tender.. Chris is so Humbled at all your comments of support and will fight this to the bitter end .. please note he is not dieing for cancer .. maybe a vicious rumour put around so he can bow out gracefully which he's not prepared to do . Please sign our petition .. THANKYOU XX

Poole Park, Poole

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Reasons for signing

  • I lived in Poole for 22 years and remember waving to the kids on the train and the expressions on their faces. How about keeping the railway and getting rid of the council? Joking apart it's just something else to get rid of and never mind public opinion. Linda C.
  • I have many happy memories riding this railway as a child. I visited yesterday and was sad not to see it running. Please save this
  • I loved to go on the Poole Park railway during the many times my family took me to Poole for holidays as a child. I was very saddened to see the railway had closed when I recently visited.


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The just giving page is now active. Please donatešŸ˜€save poole park railway

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