Save Rural West Sussex from Overbearing Greenfield Developments

Save Rural West Sussex from Overbearing Greenfield Developments

Refuse and object to the planning application for 19 houses on Smock Alley Greenfield site in West Chiltington, West Sussex application number DC/15/1389

Why is this important?

The proposed site is a steep green field outside the built-up boundary of West Chiltington village. It is in a Local/Strategic Gap between the two village centres. Building on this site will take away green open agricultural spaces in West Chiltington, impacting on the character of this rural village. This could set a precedent for further development on agricultural land adjacent owned by the same person from speculative applications both here and in the wider area.
It is imperative that Horsham District Council protects its rural villages in accordance with the emerging Horsham District Planning Framework from inappropriate unsustainable, high density housing estates, that put an unreasonable strain on already stretched local infrastructure. Additionally they are not in keeping with the character of the surrounding village causing a significant overbearing visual impact on a rising hill, isolating the woodland behind.
Development of this site does not meet a local need which is already addressed on another site in the village. It raises severe road safety issues to pedestrians and will have a devastating ecological impact on the protected bats, badgers and their habitats.
This site has been refused earlier this year by Horsham District Council for 21 houses.
It is contrary to the village's Neighbourhood Plan and is against the Localism Act 2011; where arguably the local people should decide where development takes place, not developers.

Please sign and forward to others. Thank you for your time and support.

How it will be delivered

In person to Horsham District Council

West Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • Concreting over our fields and woodland will destroy the wildlife and will cause flooding through water run off. The need for Social Housing has already been met in a more appropriate location within the village.
  • A high density Housing Estate in this location is just totally out of Character to the surrounding village needs and services. The only people to benefit is the greed of the developers.
  • This greenfield site will be lost forever if planning permission approved. A haven for Badgers Bats and other wildlife including protected Dormouse with be gone.


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