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To: UK home office

Save Sam’s Sight

Save Sam’s Sight

Legalise medicinal cannabis for all retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma patients

Why is this important?

Because in animal models it reduced photoreceptor death by 40% and new evidence shows human retinal function is being preserved too - I have evidence that shows people are holding back the progression of their RP and lowering pressure in glaucoma
RP effects 1/4000 and results in total blindness.
There is currently no cure and no treatment

Sam has a severe early onset form the gene found by 100k genome project last year.

He has less than 3 degrees of his vision left now and once it has gone its gone forever

Without cannabis Sam will go completely blind imminently

This works and is working right now in Canada
Sam doesn’t have time for red tape this is progressive and at puberty for him it’s working fast

He lost central vision behind a Drusen last year due to high pressure he can’t tolerate diamox the only alternative medicine he can take for this.

Please sign and give Sam a chance to keep the small ammount of vision he has left

The equivalent of you or me looking down two dark thin straws - in optimum lighting.... in low light Sam is completely blind.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to sign.


Reasons for signing

  • In this day and age. Why is something that's so accessible and cheap and natural is held from us. Its rediculous. People would rather let there children take chemically made tablets that are addictive. Although we treat addiction like its a health condition. So we therefore created a vicous circle.


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