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To: Pat Glass NW Durham MP - CEO Durham County Council - CEO Co. Durham/ Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Save Shotley Bridge Community Hospital

It has run out its period of petition! Thank you very much 38Degrees for your valuable help and facility...J.D...

Please save our Community Hospital

Why is this important?

Shotley Bridge Community Hospital serves tens of thousands of people in North West Durham The nearest main hospital is 13 to 14 miles away, and this regional facility, which was once a huge teaching hospital, though now reduced, to a shadow of its former operation is, nevertheless, a lifeline to many residents in this vast area of County Durham. The facility is very well used by people from all over the area, and acts as an overspill for the main hospitals within this North East area..The Facilities it offers include: Ophthalmic care, provided by the RVI in Newcastle. Audiology - X-Ray - Endoscopy & Colposcopy - Oncology - Diabetic - Podiatry - Physiotherapy - Day Surgery - Out of Hours - General out-Patient - and Minor injuries - Units and facilities are provided by University Hospital Durham and other Hospitals such as Darlington ...It would be too great a loss, for the people of this area, and to lose it, would engender great hardship for many!..

It would also increase waiting lists and times, in the main hospitals, which are already overstretched….The extra cost and burden, which would be imposed upon the health service, would most assuredly, prove to be cataclysmic!...

It is up to all of us, to fight this purported closure... Indeed, for the sake of the sale, of a piece of land, on which a few houses would eventually be built!...

A whole community, is going to be made to suffer, and that, is neither justifiable, nor right!.......

Please fight to retain Shotley Bridge Community Hospital!......

The area, and the people in it, will surely be, much the worse, for the demise of this excellent facility!...To lose it, is too big a price to pay, for too many peo
County Durham

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