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To: NEW Devon CCG

Save Sidwell Street Exeter NHS Walk-in Centre

Update: NHS bosses have announced our centre will stay open for the "foreseeable future" after this petition, taking to the streets, and the media got involved. Read more here:

We the undersigned believe that the Sidwell Street Walk-in Centre is an essential and well-located NHS facility in the centre of our city. We demand the Clinical Commissioning Group to keep it open.

Why is this important?

The NHS Walk-in Centre in Sidwell Street, Exeter is centrally located, which makes it very accessible to everyone living in Exeter. It is open from 8AM to 4PM every day (10AM-4PM Sundays) and is available to everyone in the community, whether or not registered with a GP - on a drop-in basis. This means there are many users, including young people to whom it provides a unique point of access to NHS healthcare services, without which they would have none. It also takes pressure off already stretched A&E. We want the CCG to commit to keeping this service open for the future.


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