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To: Leicestershire County Council

Save Snibston Discovery Museum, Coalville

Save Snibston Discovery Museum, Coalville

Please don't close Snibston Discovery Museum in Coalville

Why is this important?

Snibston Discovery Museum is a fantastic educational resource where children can experience hands on activities related to the science curriculum. It is situated on the old site of the main Colliery in Coalville where the remaining two colliery winding house wheels still stand tall for all to see as a reminder of the historical heritage of the area. The site includes a large exhibition hall where there are numerous interactive activities and transport across the ages, colliery tours given by miners who previously worked on the site, outdoor science activities, train rides and many other informative galleries. Snibston is also the home for the Century Theatre - Britain's oldest surviving mobile theatre and is still used for performances and lectures. There are amazing woodland walks to the rear of the building, fishing ponds and places to have picnics. It is a great day out for the whole family and at a very reasonable cost, £7.95 for an adult, £5.50 child or £24.50 for a family ticket.
Snibston also organises many themed days for school holidays such as 'Lego Day', Craft Days, Miner's Gala and many more.
The 'Friends of Snibston' recently went to County Hall in Leicester to fight against the decision to close the museum. Despite putting up a valiant attempt, County Hall refused to listen and stuck to their own decision to save money, close the exhibition hall and propose that houses be built on the site. The council say that a small mining museum will remain on the site but even this is not definite and it is not a good enough conclusion.
Coalville has no need for any more houses. It is a town that desperately needs regenerating and once Snibston has gone then the amount of visitors to the area will be greatly diminished. Numerous school visits from within the area and further afield will have to stop and the children will miss out on a fantastic learning experience. Snibston gives a lot back into the community. Last year visitor figures rose by 15% and the museum was worth more than £2.4m to the local economy. The facebook and twitter pages show how outraged and upset people are at its closure and it means a lot to the town. To see what the museum offers for yourselves log on to and also visit the Friends of Snibston Facebook page to see the webcasts of the council meeting where you will clearly see how unwilling County Hall is to give any leeway to the proposals. County Hall has proposed that Snibston will close at the end of July. Surely it is not too late to put up a further fight, gather more support and hopefully come to some kind of compromise and resolution with Leicestershire County Council.
Please pledge your support and help the people of Coalville fight against this very unfair decision. Thank you.

Snibston Discovery Museum, Ashby Road, Coalville

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Reasons for signing

  • I think it would be a disgrace to loose this facility. Apply for national lottery funding that's what it's supposed to be for not teachers pensions in Canada.
  • We cant just let this great place be closed when many people still want to visit it
  • This is an important museum preserving the childhood memories of many British people as well as others around the world


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