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Save Speakers' Corner

UPDATE: 29/07/17 - we won!

I am thrilled that the Metropolitan Police have taken steps to review their decision regarding the 'soap box ban' in Speakers' Corner.

They state:
‘Further discussions have taken place around the use of ladders this week and it has been agreed that two-step ladders can be used if it’s safe to do so.

‘However, if officers believe it’s unsafe due to crowd numbers they can make an operational decision to ask speakers to come down. Police continue to support open-air ­public speaking, debate and discussion at Speakers’ Corner.’

We will need to remain vigilant but thanks to your efforts we have made an impact.

Save Speakers' Corner

Reverse the decision to ban ladders and platforms from Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park.

Why is this important?

Free speech is a fundamental foundation of British democracy. The ban on ladders and platforms will hinder free exchange of views in Speakers' Corner and reduce it to a cacophony of chaos, destroying its purpose and ultimately leading to its demise.

Reasons for signing

  • Recently, many of us have become extremely interested in talking politics, is this right to speak on our soap boxes slipping away? Earlier this year I came up with a design idea for platform shoes to be painted with "BRILLO", inspired by Andy Warhol's soap suds installation. If there's a Health and Safety issue I can set up a manufacturing base and sell these Warholian shoes on site on the angle of the corner.
  • We don't have the right to free speech in the UK, that was why Speaker's Corner was established, as one of the few places where you could truly have freedom of speech. You need a platform to stand on, it's essential.
  • This by law will restrict the number of people the speaker can address. As a regular visitor and contibutor at SC, I've never seen an injury caused by a platform or step ladder.


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