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To: The government

Save St Clares Hospice

Save St Clares Hospice

We need support to reopen our little independent hopsice

Why is this important?

Our little hospice is the only one in South Tyneside to provide palliative and End of Life care for the people of South Tyneside. We have provided excellent palliative care for 30yrs and will be a huge miss to our community. Many families in South Tyneside have had a loved one who has received treatment or has died peacefully in our care and them memories stay with these families knowing their love one had been looked after at that sad time of their lives

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Please save St Clare's Hospice - provided excellent palliative care for my Nanna 10 years ago which I remain extremely grateful for.
  • Good cause
  • Go and see for yourselves how wonderful this place is and how places like this shouldn’t have to be begging for handouts to help them stay open. My dads end of life would have been so different and not in a good way without this godsend of a place. Above and beyond. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


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