To: Local MP, GPs and the CCG

Save St Helier Hospital - keep all the facilties.

Dear Minister/Sir/Madam, please support the maintenance of St Helier as a fully functioning hospital for the whole local community. The hospital is vital for the people who need it. The A&E sees about 90 000 - ninety thousand - people a year about 23% are admitted. The surrounding hospital just would not cope and people would die. The hospital is vital for the health of people.

Why is this important?

The local area if densely populated and desperately needs the full and complete service of St Helier Hospital. It has an aging and growing population which makes great demands on hospital facilities. So very many of these people would find it incredibly difficult and in some cases impossible to get to another hospital. My own daughter needed the care of St Helier several times and they were fantastic. I can get there in 10 minutes. If I needed to go to St Georges, it would take over 30 minutes and often longer, Kingston hospital being the same. How would people without cars manage. Public transport if difficult and the roads are so congested. So many of my neighbours use St Helier and the older people just could not manage to go further afield. They matter and in the past have contributed so much to our society.

St Helier Hospital, Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, United Kingdom


Reasons for signing

  • While I was waiting in St Helier A&E last week, patients from Croydon and Waddon were booking in at reception - clearly it's the hospital of choice for Croydon people as well as Sutton and Merton. It needs major investment and improvements rather than being downgraded to a 'local hospital'
  • It's the hospital where I spent several weeks recovering from rheumatic fever when I was a teenager - thanks St Helier!
  • St Helier helped me out when I was younger. It covers a large a large and densely populated area with complex health needs. (DoS). This plan makes no strategic sense at all!!


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