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To: The Mayor of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Save Stockport's Historic Central Library

Save Stockport's Historic Central Library

Drop the proposal to close and replace the Central Library with a much reduced library service located in the Merseyway retail precinct.

Why is this important?

When we started our petition to Save Stockport’s Historic Central Library, we believed that we were fighting a move to the ex-Argos unit. The situation has now changed.

The council has said that the move to this unit is temporary because it claims that the Central Library cannot be safely reopened during the pandemic, unlike most of the branch libraries which have reopened (we have still not seen the evidence we asked for as to why Central Library cannot be reopened whilst the others have been). When social distancing is no longer needed the library will return to the Central Library building.

However, there is now an even bigger threat to our historic Central Library. The council has recently been awarded £14.5m Future High Streets funding from the Government and they intend to use some of this money to refurbish the Adlington Walk area of the Merseyway retail precinct.

The Cabinet Member for Economy and Regeneration, Councillor David Meller, has made it clear that he wants to close Central Library permanently and move library services to the precinct ( ).

The council will consult about the use of the Central Library Building but, in a later statement to the Stockport Express, Cllr. Meller said that an “overwhelming majority” opinion against closure of Central Library would be required, for his plan to be dropped.

We think that there is only one use for the Central Library building and that is its designed purpose, not as a space in a commercial retail precinct, but as a public library.

Please continue to help grow this petition to save our Central Library.


The Stockport Central Library was built in 1913, using money provided by an American philanthropist called Andrew Carnegie who gave £15,000 to build a central library and a branch library elsewhere in the town of Stockport. He paid for the erection of over 600 libraries in Britain and over 2000 in America.

Carnegie had a lifelong passion for books and reading and he was a savvy businessman. He donated the money and required communities to adhere to the Carnegie formula, a 6-step plan to ensure the community would support the library (by providing the site, paying staff, and using public funds to run it), and the library would in return support the community (by providing free service to all).

The building is Grade 2 listed for the following reasons

It is recognised by Historic England as a listed library of the North.

Central library hosts a reference library, a lending library and a local history library and it is still in it’s original home, purpose built for the town.

The council bought the Merseyway precinct several years ago for an undisclosed sum, but unfortunately there appear to be more and more shop closures. Transferring an established central library from its purpose built, Grade 2 listed home is not the answer.

The heritage of Stockport is its unique selling point, but over the years successive councils have had a complete disregard for its history and have demolished magnificent buildings or have built modern buildings that take away from the beauty of those remaining. Unfortunately this continues in the name of progress.

Recent financial cuts have been made to borough library services and more are expected. The plan to move the library could be seen as a way of slashing funds, wrapped up as positive changes. However once the central library is lost, there is no going back.

If the council is keen for more people to use the library, they should be promoting the significance of the library and the services that the people of Stockport already possess, not cutting them to the bone and pretending that it is an improvement. The idea that better services can be run for less money has been used too often and it simply is not true.

The central library building was paid for and built as a free library for the people of Stockport and it should remain intact. Removal of the library facilities from the building is an act of vandalism. To shut the building and sell or develop it for another use that prevents the people of Stockport using the building is theft.

The closure and transfer of the library to Merseyway should not go ahead.

Deborah Hind
John Pearson
Joint Secretaries on behalf of Stockport United Against Austerity

Note : image used by kind permission of Alastair Coey Architects

How it will be delivered

Email the signatures to the Mayor of Stockport for presentation to a Council meeting.

Wellington Rd S, Stockport, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • The Central Library was my destination every Saturday morning as a child and my life-long love of Literature was fostered there. Now I am returning to my roots to write my MA dissertation about Vernon Park. I am lost without the Archives, as future researchers will be too.
  • Good course
  • Central Library is a beautiful Carnegie library gifted to the people of Stockport. It is a tranquil place of beauty. The library should not be in a retail unit in a shopping centre that is anything but tranquil


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