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To: City and County of Swansea

Save Swansea Museum!

UPDATE: 23/03/17
We won! Swansea museum, we are assured by Swansea Council, will not closed or be reduced to a minimal service.

Save Swansea Museum!

Withdraw the 50% cut in Swansea Museum’s budget.

Why is this important?

The City and County of Swansea has decided to remove half of the budget of Swansea Museum, a great institution in the city since 1841. This will cause severe damage to

o the collections and their conservation
o exhibition, learning and outreach services
o the expertise of Museum staff
o the social and educational benefit of Museum services
o Swansea’s status as a city and a destination for visitors

Swansea Museum changes lives – the lives of young children, older citizens, people with disabilities and dementia sufferers. Don’t let it decline and die!

A campaign by the Royal Institution of South Wales (the Friends of Swansea Museum).


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