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To: Network Rail

Save Teignmouth Beach

Save Teignmouth Beach

We ask Network Rail: do not put profit before environment and destroy 1.7km of beach from the East Cliff Cafe in Teignmouth all the way down to the Dawlish tunnel at Holcombe.

Why is this important?

Following storm damage in 2014, Network Rail are currently working on a resilience programme to upgrade the London to Penzance railway between Exeter and Newton Abbot.

In 2018 they hosted public forums and presented plans to build a new line 30 -40 metres (or more) out to sea at from Teignmouth's East Cliff Cafe to the Dawlish tunnel - a scheme which would destroy 1.7km of the beach.

In November last year they then announced that revised plans were now being considered. Subsequent Freedom of Information requests for details have been denied, "in the public interest".

In February 2019, Network Rail advised that their current proposal between Parson's Tunnel and Teignmouth is, "to deliver a new railway alignment involving a new sea wall beyond the footprint of the existing."

Teignmouth Beach, with it's open sea aspect framed by the towering red Devon cliffs, is possibly the most visually outstanding part of any journey on the iconic train route, and has been a cherished destination for both local's and visitors for many generations.

Whilst it is agreed that the railway must be maintained and updated, we enjoin that this must not be to the detriment of a special and unique location. Network Rail must use their best endeavours to ensure that any development they undertake specifically maintains or enhances the visual and environmental merits of Holcombe and Teignmouth Beach.


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