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To: Oxford City Labour Council

Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool

Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool

Dear Oxford City Labour Council.
I along with 12,000 others have signed a petition asking for Temple Cowley Swimming Pool to be kept open. A compromise solution would be to partially develop the site with housing, private and social, keep the pool, the gym. Plus have a small restaurant and replace the Barnes Road Community Centre there.

Why is this important?

This is important because Oxford is an expanding city, with many more young people than other cities. This policy will result in six swimming lanes less in Oxford's already overcrowded pools. The pool is within walking distance of 2 secondary schools and 3 primary schools and is the centre of a transport hub.
Cowley is already densely populated with very limited leisure health sports facilities.

Temple Cowley Pools, Temple Road, Cowley, Oxford

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