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To: Essex County Council



Keep Walton on the Naze, Holland on Sea, Manningtree and West Clacton libraries open

Why is this important?

Essex County Council have announced a list of 44 libraries across the county which are at risk of closing down including 4 in Tendring.

Libraries are a part of the fabric of our local community which have provided generations of families with access to literature, education, knowledge, learning and support.

Libraries are an essential part of public services just like Schools, and Hospitals enabling poor children from disadvantaged families to access information, knowledge and skills to give them a decent chance in life.

Libraries are fantastic assets to the community and need to be saved for future generations.

Tendring District

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Reasons for signing

  • Libraries mean so much to so many people. We can’t all afford to buy all the books we would like to read. There doesn’t seem to be much for children locally. Why remove the one place that costs nothing but can teach so much.
  • Libraries are the starting point for many of our future generations, they inspire, give confidence to, allow you to dream but at the same time an education for us all, you can gain so much knowledge from libraries and their wonderful staff
  • I have signed because The Library is so useful to everyone of all ages for various reasons. It's just a great source of communication, and interest. Full of Historic and geographical information. Most especially helpful to children, to be able to sit and read a book. and to borrow. a few to read at home. PLEASE!!! Do Not Close OUR!! libraries.


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