To: Jeremy Hunt

Save the Birth place of OUR NHS

Reverse the decision to down grade Trafford generals A&E department which will also result in the loss of Emergency Surgery services and ICU at the hospital!!!

Why is this important?

It is a small sub district hospital the Birth Place of the NHS and the knock on effect will be catastrophic to users of the A & E department as will the resulting pressure put on surrounding A&E departments of neighbouring hospitals!!!! It is often busy and well used and its closure will lead to the loss of emergency theatres and the closure of the ICU department! Slowly but surely Trafford General formally Park Hospital is being dismantled with the loss already of maternity and children's services! We were offered the opportunity to petition this and thousands of signatures were obtained and taken to Downing Street to a government that on more than one occasion has been proven to be out of touch with reality and what the people want and need, all the petitioning was in vain and Jeremy Hunt ignored the pleas of over a thousand petitioners and gave the go ahead to downgrade which we all know is the beginning of its demise!!! Do our voices not count for anything with this government???? A government who are slowly selling our precious NHS off and privatising what it can even via back door tactics!!! We need to show them that this is our Hospital and we need it and they cannot take it from us

Moorside Road, Urmston, Manchester, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Absolute need for a local A&E Dept and ICU Dept.
  • My brothers and I were all born there and our families have all used this essential A & E Department, and with your help they will be there long after when we are all gone in many years to come!
  • All of us need local A+E


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