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To: East Sussex County Council and The South Downs National Park Authority

Save the Blakes Walk poplars in Lewes, East Sussex

We won! The poplars have been saved until at least 2035.

Read all about the campaign here:

Reverse the decision to cut down the poplars along the east side of Blakes Walk in Lewes East Sussex.

Why is this important?

The poplars along the east side of Blakes Walk in Lewes East Sussex are to be cut down as part of the new development on the land adjoining Southdowns Road (Ref. SDNP/15/01303/FUL).

For context, these are the tall trees to the east of the recreation ground at South Malling, on the opposite side to the river. Grid Ref. 541756,110897.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of this development, this destruction of trees, described as "poor" by the East Sussex County Landscape Architect Virginia Pullan, is completely unjustified and will substantially alter the character of this public footpath, used by the residents of Malling to walk into town. Her views, based on those given by James Newmarch, the Highway Tree Officer at East Sussex County Council, have been passed on to Stephen Cantwell at the South Downs National Park Authority.

You can read her opinion, and decide for yourself HERE:
(Document dated 7/8/15 entitled 'ESCC Landscape Architect)

However according to Town and District Councillor Daisy Cooper, in a quote provided specifically for this petition: “The proposal to fell some of the poplar trees on Blake's Walk flies in the face of British Standards that require processes of demolition and construction to put tree care at their heart. The tree survey recommended retention and protection, and residents staunchly oppose the destruction of trees planted in memory of a valued member of the community. The 79 units got the go ahead but the decision on the trees was bounced back to the County Council who owns them - it's not too late for the County to agree a scheme to protect all the poplar trees on Blake's Walk."

Contact details:
Virginia Pullan: [email protected]
James Newmarch: [email protected]
Stephen Cantwell: [email protected]

How it will be delivered

Those named above have already been informed of this petition and will also be updated at each landmark it reaches. We may end up delivering it in person, depending on numbers. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Lewes, East Sussex

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