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Why is this important?

We are residents of Lockleaze and concerned supporters who call for the Cameron Centre Community building owned by Bristol City Council and run by Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust to be saved from demolition to make way for 50 flats.
The Cameron Centre is a much loved community hall, library and kitchen offering a home to a packed and varied programme of users from Tai Kwondo to jumble sales, tea dances, playgroups, birthday parties, ukulele groups, bingo nights, lego club, religious services, political groups and polling station needs, public meetings and consultations to name just a few. All at affordable rates that result in a full timetable of bookings. It is a place for people of all ages, faiths, interests and needs to come together.
It is a truly inclusive and affordable venue and there is no other large community space - at all - in the whole of Lockleaze which is an area very poorly served for meeting places. There are few shops, no pubs or cafes and the number of residents is due to steeply increase with 25 housing development sites planned across Lockleaze.
It would be a massive loss to the area if it was demolished, not to mention a wasteful destruction of a perfectly good building that needs a small investment to update it a little. With a parquet floor and old school serving hatch it is built for purpose and build to last. Connecting doors to the library build community co operation, and the spacious kitchen is a sociable place to volunteer.
Now is a time (post Covid) when our Community spaces are needed more than ever, and to deprive the area of this thriving centre is a massive mistake. Taking into consideration the vast housebuilding plans that are happening across this area more community spaces are now needed, not less.
Although BCC has suggested that community facilities will be part of the 50 home development on this site, a BCC representative told us that plans are for a library and maybe a cafe. No replacement large multi-purpose hall is on the cards and current plans do not begin to compensate for the loss of this vital community building.
We call for BCC to scrap its plans and instead invest and protect this essential Community building.

Lockleaze, Bristol BS7, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Residents of Lockleaze are being systematically overlooked and ignored by the council during a time of proposed rapid housing expansion (over 1000 homes). It is so very short-sighted to create so many homes without an infrastructure and community amenities to support it and this will only lead to more social problems. Our community spaces absolutely need to be preserved, not just turned into more housing. This is a well-used and well-loved community space. Don't take it away from us.
  • Bristol Council will only be happy it seems when every inch of green space and every community facility is removed for yet more housing. This is just one of many developments planned for Lockleaze, with not a single doctors, school, dentist, library, green space or any other facility planned for to service all these new people. It’s a cash grab by Bristol Council pure and simple.
  • because this well used and much loved Community Centre should not be knocked down to build 50 more flats.


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