To: The Cooperative Bank

Save the Co-op bank in Longton

Save the Co-op bank in Longton

Don't close our only local branch. We've already lost Meir and Blythe Bridge branches.

Why is this important?

This branch is used every day by all of the local people. Many of whom are disabled and elderly. It's already a struggle by many to get to this branch since they closed 2 other local branches recently. Not everyone has access to online banking and not all accounts are accessible online. Being able to go in to a branch and see someone face to face is still a much needed necessity.

Longton, Stoke-on-Trent


Reasons for signing

  • Local and a nessacesary for the local community and sure rounding aerea.
  • Been with this bank for overy 30 yrs. Loyalty by customers should be rewarded not punished
  • Its a nice, friendly local bank, easily accessible and essential for the local community


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