To: Scarborough borough council

Save The Coffee Stop Scarborough

Issue us a license to trade.

Why is this important?

We've been trading here now for just over 6 years and now the council has refused our licence so we're no longer trading after the 30th September.



Reasons for signing

  • This is a small family run independant Business. They work hard for their livelihood. They are a well used stall in the town. I never stay to drink coffee but everytime I pass I see people sat chatting which is lovely to see. I am against you stopping the coffee stall as where will these customers go? To one of the tax dodging, faceless corporate coffee shops whose coffee is not as good?
  • My first time to Scarborough I met Julie and my new family at the coffee stop. I am highly sensitive to people's perfumes, laundry scents, etc., this is one place I can go and be able to breathe. Please don't take this Scarborough Icon away from us all. Small businesses are needed; this is Julie and family's lively hood and a Scarborough favorite.
  • Iv'e been going to the coffee shop for as long as I have lived in Scarborough, the coffee shop is part of Scarborough and it's heritage in my opinion. I am a big investor but if the council shuts down the coffee shop there will be no more investing in the Scarborough area for me.


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