To: Bournemouth Council

Save The Current Hengistbury Head Land Train Service

Save The Current Hengistbury Head Land Train Service

See sense and allow the current operators to continue running this much loved & Iconic Land Train & Land Rover service to & from the Mudeford Sandspit, The Beach Huts, Black house, 2 Foot Ferries & Beach house Restaurant.

Why is this important?

This Train Service has been running for 45 loyal & accident free years, it provides an invaluable service to the Beach Huts, Black house, Mudeford Ferry, Bournemouth Boating Services Ferry & the Beach House Restaurant. We also operate the gate for site access during office hours.

Our train has been specifically designed to operate as low key & environmentally as possible, and takes up only 1.1m width of road enabling plenty of room for the public to be passed in safety. We only burn 10litres of diesel per 9 1/2 hour working day, and we have electronically limited our trains to ensure they cannot go faster than the 10mph site limit. They are also satellite tracked, so we know where they are & can keep an eye on things.

Being a narrow lane, we fear that at the new unlimited & untracked agency driver and guard, 'Disney' train with it's higher visual impact, in an environmentally sensitive area, burning 3.75 litres per hour (train only) - add carriages, then people & terrain could take it to 8 litres per hour at approx. 15 tons laden - is this what we want on a Special site of scientific interest, where the Council have just built an eco building to help lower it's carbon footprint? Now they will undo everything by driving 2 of these unsuitable trains up and down the lane, offering a lesser service than the current operators Train Service.

Please listen to public opinion for once. By all means bring your road going trains to the hiker & then have a fare structure that allows the passengers to go on our train. Destroying what isn't broken is not what is needed, dialogue is what's needed.


Reasons for signing

  • The Noddy train is a unique & amazing piece of local history. For me & my family it represents a wonderful period in our lives. I remember it as a you adult & taking my own daughter for a ride. What a day that was! It broke down & my husband had to steer it while it was towed along. He loved it! And my daughter was so proud of her dad. She would have been about five & this would have been around 1986. Love it, love it, love it!
  • as a family the train has been enjoyed over many years whilst the kids were young and should still be there for future generations
  • The Summer holidays are coming up and this service is vital to help everyone get to and from the beach. It's also a fun way to travel, good for the environment is part of the history of the area. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP IT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS


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Wow, what a busy few days it's been, including a television appearance for both me & the train :-) I don't know if the train was nervous, but I was, look out for it on BBC South Today Tuesday 18/03/2014 on iplayer & Don't forget I also do updates here on Facebook

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It's now in Bournemouth Echo :-) Thank you so much for your support so far

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