To: The Mayor of Houyet and the Count of Liederkerke-Beaufort



Dear Sirs, please do not demolish this beautiful example of European Gothic Revival Heritage. It is not impossible to save Chateau Miranda from dereliction.

Why is this important?

This Castle is an important Historical Location in its own right and deserves to be preserved. There are so many ways in which it can be used for future generations.

I have seen similar work done in the UK to save ruinous buildings from demolition, some in a worse state than Chateau Miranda is currently in. An example I can bring to mind is Gwrych Castle in Wales, saved from ruin and demolition by a group of enthusiasts who created the Gwrych Preservation Trust, a Registered Charity in 2001, and have worked tirelessly to have the Castle restored. It is now being converted into a luxury Hotel.

As a Unit, we supporters of Chateau Miranda wish to do something similar: create a non-profit Organisation charged with fundraising and organisation of ideas towards the Castle's future. Before we can do this, however, we must stop the bulldozers from coming in.

This Castle has touched so many people's Hearts and Souls, from the Children who have lived there while it was used as a Home for Children, to the Explorers who have visited in its most derelict state, to people like me who have found inspiration from this haunting location. There has been a huge outpouring of grief to the news that the Castle's owner, Count Liederkerke - Beaufort, wishes to demolish.

Reasons for signing

  • Such a beautiful and historically valuable place deserves to be preserved and passed down for generations to come. Demolishing it would be a disgrace to Belgian history and it would be robbing not only Belgian citizens, but the citizens of all of Europe, of their heritage.
  • Because such buildings are rare and are a beautiful part of all our heritage.


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