To: Kingston upon Thames council planning department

Save the Queens Head Public House - KIngston upon Thames


Save the Queens Head Public House - KIngston  upon Thames

We would like to register the Queens Head public house, Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames as an Asset of Community Value. The public house is currently up for sale and the local community reject the threat of the potential closure and purchase by property developers.

Why is this important?

Public houses are more than just a place to sup a glass of beer, they can be the hub of the community and far, far more. There is no better place to meet up with local friends for a good old gossip.

Community groups host meetings and public events whilst enjoying a pint, not forgetting those personal special celebrations which can be catered for, and don't forget that pub food is so much better than it ever used to be!

Our local public houses also support the sale of beer produced by our own local breweries/micro breweries (eg Twickenham Ales, Park Brewery) thus helping to create local employment and adding to the local economy.

We have already lost at least 2 local pubs over the years, The Richmond Park and the Alexandra Tavern are no more. CAMRA suggests that as many as 29 pubs are closing every week. 600 have already been listed as assets of community value and therefore protected, hopefully we will be able to add the Queens Head to that list with your help.

If you would like to help prevent the potential closure and redevelopment of this important community asset, please sign this petition.

Thank you very much for your support.

Kingston upon Thames

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Reasons for signing

  • It would be such a shame to lose another old pub.
  • I love that little oasis on the long road between Kingston and ham....
  • Losing too many pubs in Kingston.


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