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To: CEO Marston's PLC (Ralph Graham Findlay)

Save The Rose and Crown Chellaston Derby

Save The Rose and Crown Chellaston Derby

Keep the Rose and Crown as a public house.
Either continue to run the Rose and Crown or accept a reasonable bid from the Community.

Why is this important?

* A public house has stood on this site since 1753.
* It is a community pub, providing food and drink. It is a pub that can be enjoyed by all of the family with its outdoor play area and beer garden and in this respect, it is unique in Chellaston.
* It has the potential to become a focal point for the village community.
* Chellaston Residents' Association acquired an Asset of Community Value (ACV) for the pub in July 2015 and subsequently Marston's have indicated to the City Council that the pub is up for sale.
* A Community group intends to submit a bid for the pub as a going concern.


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