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To: NHS England

Save the Royal Brompton hospital heart services

30/11/17 Great news the Royal Brompton is safe!

Units providing specialist care for heart problems at Royal Brompton had been under threat of closure. But after a public consultation, and lots of campaigning, NHS England bosses said they had changed their minds.

Thank you so much to everyone that signed the petition.

Here's more on the story:

Save the Royal Brompton hospital heart services

To the keep the services that our children depend on!!!

Why is this important?

Life is fragile and even more so for our warrior Reagan who has battled with a serious heart condition since birth. Being subject to the turbulance and uncertainty of being so unwell could have been even more unsettling if he wasn’t in the life-saving hands of Royal Brompton hospital. Royal Brompton, amongst all their other wonderful acts of care (which makes the NHS such an immense beacon of hope to the rest of the world) performed an 11 hour open heart procedure on our baby.

Reagan is 15 months but has already been operated on more than some of us will be our entire adult life. The operations, although they are scary and dangerous, have been performed by extremely gifted surgeons at Royal Brompton. The support of the nurses and all staff in Royal Brompton’s children’s heart unit have been, second to none.

Me and my partner unfortunately know the pain and trauma of seeing one of their children in a life threatening situation. When every instinct is to protect and care for your child it can be disabling and disconcerting to not feel you have the power or ability to make everything okay. You simply want to wrap your child up in love and insulate them from any pain. When that’s not possible it tests the resolve of any parent.

We have been hugely tested and the support and professionalism of Royal Brompton has been a wonderful crutch for us.

Royal Brompton Hospital, Sydney Street, London

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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in Hut there local area with petitions and leaflets and Tshirts of campaign please email [email protected] thanks again for your support

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Almost 11,000 online wow what can I say you guys are the best!!

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