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Save the Stag Inn in St Cleer

Save the Stag Inn in St Cleer

The current owners of the Stag Inn have applied for planning permission to turn the Stag Inn into 2 residential units. Within the application, they state that there is a lack of local support and that the pub is no longer viable. We believe that the pub could still be a viable business and therefore planning permission should therefore be refused.

Why is this important?

The Stag Inn has been trading in St Cleer for over 150 years. Over this time, it has been central to village life. However, since taking over, the current landlord has reduced the opening hours, does not serve food and has made the pub feel unwelcoming to many people in the village. There is currently a planning application to turn the pub into two residential units, meaning that the pub would close forever.

This would leave a hole in the village community. In fact many already feel that the community has lost out due to the way the pub is currently run. The pub once had a good reputation for food and live music. Neither of these have been truly offered by the current landlord which has driven people away from the pub. You only have to speak to longstanding regulars and former customers to get an impression of their frustration with the situation.

There are still an active group of locals who use the pub for community uses. There are regular fundraising quizzes which are easily the busiest nights of the month. The football club has held events in the pub. The only occasions when the pub is busy or looks inviting is when locals put on events.

Please show your support for the Stag and help prove that there is a viable business hidden behind the current situation. This is especially important if you live near St Cleer and would be a potential customer if things were run differently.

Fore Street, Saint Cleer PL14 5DA

Reasons for signing

  • Pubs such as this are central to local village life and part of the glue that holds the community together. I know this pub of old and know it can be viable as a pub in the right hands.
  • the Stag has always been a respectable pub full of fun, where local events were supported such as the furry dance and local carnivals, it has been an asset to the village. unfortunately the atmosphere changed with the latest landlord, no heating, no conversation,unreliable opening times,no food and now purely an asset stripping operation. with the village expanding, if change of use is allowed the heart of the village would diminish.
  • It is obvious that some people puchase pubs (relatively cheap to buy compared to residential accomodation) with the aim of running them down so that they can then say not profitable and need to close. They then profit by turning into flats - it is just greed and not good for the local community.


2017-09-16 22:55:08 +0100

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition. Here are the next steps.
1. Visit the Stag. We said in an email earlier in the week this is important. To prove the pub can be viable, people need to visit. By not going you are contributing to the situation.
2. Please get in touch if you would be interested in joining a group looking at taking on the pub as a community project. This is the best way of securing the pub's future but needs commitment and support from a number of people.
3. Object to the planning application on the council website. This is the last resort. We would prefer to make the pub viable again and not go down this route but objections must be in this week which forces our hand. All objections should be on technical issues and facts. This is not a chance to make personal comments about anyone. We can offer guidance on this.
Thank you

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Thank you everyone for signing. Please keep sharing and spreading the word. It is very important that people leave their comments as well as just signing. This will be a chance to show your experiences and why you may not visit the Stag any more. The more detail we have the more likely we are in succeeding

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