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To: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Save the Stockport Metroshuttle free bus service

Save the Stockport Metroshuttle free bus service

Please withdraw your proposal to terminate the No. 300 Metroshuttle free town centre bus service.

Why is this important?


• The service gives ease of access to many parts of the town centre for shoppers carrying heavy bags and is especially of great value to elderly and disabled passengers.

• The service encourages use of public transport to the bus station and the train station because of its facilitation of onward journeys.

• The service makes an important contribution towards objectives of reducing traffic congestion and hence reducing air pollution and carbon footprint.

• This is a highly valued service which is good use of Council funds and which should be built upon instead of scrapped.

How it will be delivered

At a Council meeting.

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Reasons for signing

  • Great service
  • Me and my 2 year old son use this bus every other day to go to see the trains and he likes to go past Tesco and just loves the ‘baba green bus’ we even bought him a ‘baba green bus’ toy. 😢
  • great service


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