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To: The Health Secretary

Save the William Harvey and Margate hospital A&E and maternity services

Save the William Harvey and Margate hospital A&E and maternity services

We need to keep the A&E department at the William Harvey hospital in Ashford, Kent and not have it moved to Canterbury.

Having spoken to a few people it seems a lot of people are not aware that unless you object Ashford and Margate A&E and MATERNITY Departments WILL BE CLOSED - unless YOU object.

There are only two options available. Either it stays as it is OR a shell of a super hospital will be built in Canterbury (by Quinn Esrates in exchange for building 2,000 homes in Canterbury) this will result in the aforementioned departments being CLOSED and moved to Canterbury!!

YOU have a voice, please USE it before it's too late.

Why is this important?

The hospital is easily accessible and near a major motorway. Moving the A&E department to Canterbury, as proposed, will put lives at risk. Canterbury does not have the road infrastructure to support a major A&E department for outside areas.

Ashford, UK

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