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To: Harrogate Borough Council

Save The Yorkshire Lass in Knaresborough

01/12/14 - A message from Rachel:

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that last week Harrogate Borough Council approved the nomination to formally list former public house, The Yorkshire Lass in Knaresborough as an 'Asset of Community Value'. See here:

This is a small step on a challenging journey but feels like a giant leap in the whole process! Thank you soooo much for your support! YOU helped make this happen...

Save The Yorkshire Lass in Knaresborough

Please list The Yorkshire Lass, Knaresborough as an 'Asset of Community Value'.
Please do not allow the demolition of this former pub in favour of residential housing, as per the latest planning application.
Please give the local community chance to obtain, save, and redevelop this local treasure.

Why is this important?

The Yorkshire Lass has previously been a thriving and highly valued community asset, and is still much loved and missed by the local community. A website set up to raise awareness of this campaign ( had over 1,000 views in just the first 2-days, and several comments from well wishers and supporters have been posted on the site.

The Yorkshire Lass is a unique and much-loved landmark building on a landmark site, within the Green Belt, Knaresborough Conservation area, and the Nidd Gorge Special Landscape Area. Steeped in history, we believe it should be protected and added to the Harrogate Borough Council Assets of Community Value register.

We propose that – in accordance with the Harrogate Borough Council ‘Assets of community value guidance notes’ - it is realistic to think that within five years the building can be brought back into a use that furthers the social interests and wellbeing of the local community. We have a specific vision for this and we have identified direct opportunities and started to define practical strategies to realise this vision.

We propose that a social & community space is needed on this landmark site 'for the benefit of many', not privately owned residential accommodation 'for the enjoyment of few'. The Yorkshire Lass has enormous potential to generate increased footfall, tourism and income for Knaresborough, as well as community spirit by the bucket-load.

Located on a such a prominent site, for many it’s the first thing they see as they come to Knaresborough and it needs to fill those shoes as something that epitomises the magic and wonder of the town and all the wonderful things it has to offer. It needs to be a facility that welcomes visitors in the right way, and something that locals can be part of, use, and be proud of. Not some soulless private housing development for the enjoyment of just a tiny number of people. The latter would make the site totally disconnected from the environment and community. That would be a very sad loss for Knaresborough, and one we feel many would regret and mourn for a long time.

By applying to register the Yorkshire Lass as a ‘community asset’, and opposing the current planning application, we aim to prevent demolition. We then hope to buy the time and opportunity to formulate a detailed plan, capital investment strategy, and business model that demonstrates an achievable and sustainable alternative for this ‘local treasure’. Ultimately our goal is to do justice to the Yorkshire Lass legacy and deliver a thriving pub and community hub back to the people of Knaresborough.


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Reasons for signing

  • historically losing all.our old tradition ways
  • Stayed close by a number of years ago and used it as "the local" we're always made very welcome.
  • Enjoyed our stay there when it was fsully operational and was a positive place to start our visit to Knaresborough and the yorkshire dale


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