To: The Home Office

Save Three Sheep Wools

Unfortunately we lost this campaign

Save Three Sheep Wools

Look fairly at what the U.K border requirements were and how the criteria have been changed to something unobtainable. Please allow Deb to stay and to continue trading while you look into changing this law.

Why is this important?

Deb Richardson came into the UK in 2012 on a work visa from the UK Border Agency. It specified that she had three years to start the business, and in that time she had to employ two people. They could be part-time, they had to be English, and they could not be members of her family. In November 2014, the Home Office dissolved the UK Border Agency, and the rules of the Home Office (apparently) came into effect. On April 6, 2015, the rule became that Deb (the business owner) had to have created 24 months of full-time employment. The Home Office realizes that this is retrospective legislation, and their concession to Deb is that she could employ 8 people full-time for the next three months. this is not possible in a small business, so it looks as if the business will have to close. We all wonder how many other small business owners will be in this situation, and if the Home Office is aware how many small businesses will become empty shops.

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

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Reasons for signing

  • Deb fits in and contributes to society by running her wool shop in Cirencester. It is unfair to move the goalposts. There is no logical reason why she should not stay.
  • Home Office being utterly dishonourable. Deb and her unique business are a huge asset for Cirencester and the community
  • I signed because this woman honored her original commitment to the UK government. She operated in good faith. The government now is operating in bad faith by changing the conditions of her visa after the fact. And a question here: It sounds as if it is okay for refugees to come into Britain and live off of government money, but it isn't okay for a businesswoman to come in, develop a business that helps a town thrive, and employs UK citizens? What's that all about?


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