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SAVE The WHOLEFOODS Supermarket in Cheltenham

SAVE The WHOLEFOODS Supermarket in Cheltenham

Consider your role as a custodian of a venue offering quality foods, natural health advice and products, and the opportunity for like minded people to meet, eat and share.

We do not want the Wholefoods Supermarket in Cheltenham to close.

Why is this important?

People shop at Wholefoods Supermarket in Cheltenham for many reasons. Healthy foods that aren't available at other supermarkets, environmentally considered products for cleaning, beauty, health, food to support those with food intolerances and other dietary requirements and historically, responsibly sourced goods for gifts.
The restaurant serves a reasonably priced choice of healthy foods and drinks which serve the majority of dietary needs; it is mostly full.
Wholefoods Supermarket in Cheltenham has become a community hub meeting the needs of many parts of society as an education centre and meeting place and there is nothing else like it in the area.
Lastly, the staff are in a class of their own, having the skills and knowledge required to answer the kind of questions likely to be asked in a natural health store.


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