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Save Woodland Road Surgery

We lost

Save Woodland Road Surgery

Stop the closure, by St Austell Healthcare, of Woodland Road GP Surgery in St Austell.

Why is this important?

Woodland Road Surgery has successfully served residents in one of the most deprived wards in Cornwall for over 20 years.

At the proposed alternative site there is little or no scope to increase parking, no park and ride facility and a limited bus service. It offers almost no scope for the elderly, young mothers and the most the vulnerable, to visit on foot.

The proposed alternative site has experienced significant difficulty in meeting the needs of its existing patients. The telephone appointments system has come in for extensive public criticism. Adding another 7500 patients can only make the service worse.

It is vital that patients retain a local doctor's surgery with easy access.

St Austell


Reasons for signing

  • Too many surgeries are closing and it is not in the interest of local people to have just one large health surgery in St Austell which is what seems to be the intention
  • I was at Park surgery when 8 elderly people - most with sticks or zimmers, were having to hang wait at recpetion until 10am to get an appointment to come back another day. I thought it degrading that our elder folk are expected to do this. If Woodland Rd closes how are simillar people going to get to Wheal Northey to hang around that desk for an appointment that they will once again have to come back for?! St Austell Healthcare is bad enough - we can't let it get even worse!
  • I have not been able to call The Hub since the amalgamation of St Austell surgeries without a constant engaged tone and wait in a queue to then be told that no same day appointments available, a call back might be possible or to see someone 3 or 4 days later at any one of the surgeries. The current situation is bad enough without a further location closing. We need more surgeries in St Austell not fewer.


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