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Save Woodland Road Surgery

Save Woodland Road Surgery

Stop the closure, by St Austell Healthcare, of Woodland Road GP Surgery in St Austell.

Why is this important?

Woodland Road Surgery has successfully served residents in one of the most deprived wards in Cornwall for over 20 years.

At the proposed alternative site there is little or no scope to increase parking, no park and ride facility and a limited bus service. It offers almost no scope for the elderly, young mothers and the most the vulnerable, to visit on foot.

The proposed alternative site has experienced significant difficulty in meeting the needs of its existing patients. The telephone appointments system has come in for extensive public criticism. Adding another 7500 patients can only make the service worse.

It is vital that patients retain a local doctor's surgery with easy access.

St Austell


Reasons for signing

  • Who on earth at St Austell Healthcare came up with such a stupid idea!?! We must prevent such a ridiculous mistake! We need more surgeries not less! The service has gotten bad enough as it is! Please oppose further disasters by signing this petition. Whoever is running St Austell Healthcare must be cuckoo!!!!!
  • There is not enough room at Wheal Northey (car parking especially) for all of Woodland Road patients
  • I have been able to walk to Woodland Road, but no further.


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