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To: Crispin Blunt & Reigate and Banstead planning

Save Woodmansterne Green Belt

Save Woodmansterne Green Belt

We want them to send planning application 14/02077/f back to consultation so that the public can have their say on the future of this greenbelt field.

Why is this important?

We want to protect our greenbelt so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of our unspoilt countryside. They are planning on destroying 55 metres of hedgerow and trees without any consideration to the wildlife inhabiting it. A road will be installed through the field. We believe this is for future development. Security fences will block our footpaths which we are currently aiming to register as public right of ways

According to our governments manifesto.(they proposed to make it easier for local people to have a say in planning and to save our greenbelt)Every part of this promise has been breached by Reigate and Banstead council. We don't feel the notification procedure was carried through adequately (as in ...very few knew until it was passed) We feel the water company Sutton and East surrey water have badly mismanaged their company and purely led for maximum profit rather than the benefit for the community and our future countryside. Only a decade ago they sold off a large area of their site for housing. They claimed that the reservoir/soakaway lagoon were redundandt and no longer required. Now they say their site is cramped and need an external location for a new lagoon. What next?

Drakes field . East of Rectory Lane Banstead Surrey SM7 3PP

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Reasons for signing

  • Plenty of housing that is boarded up which could be used. Why destroy our countryside when its the housing market itself that needs to be sorted out. Like when people buy the apartments or houses and let it sit there for 10+ years. Everyone talks about trying to make air pollution better and to be greener yet you're trying to destroy our beautiful countryside.
  • Please also sign A national petition to protect all 14 Green Belts.
  • Land grabbing, bit by bit. This area needs its green belt, i can't see the real need for this scheme, it seems very underhand, and the disruption it will cause will be immense!


2015-10-08 22:29:18 +0100

SESW have submitted revised plans. Reigate and Banstead have extended the deadline date, so comments can still be made on this planning application for boundaries and landscaping.
Despite photgraphic evidence of slowworms, lizards in the boundary hedging /woodland, and other wildlife, it appears that SESW are intent and confident that they will be starting their plans in October/November. It appears utility companies are exempt from normal planning procedures and adhering to the laws as set in the wildlife countryside act 1981.

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2015-08-24 23:16:38 +0100

The lagoon isnt an ideal water pond....its correct name is sludge pool collects waste water from the treatment plant and sludge. (not untreated sewage,
but is certainly not pretty )

2015-08-21 10:23:09 +0100

our governments manifesto 2015 states on page 53 that they will make it easier for local people to have a say in planning and will save green belt .Ever felt duped !?

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