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To: Appealing @Glasgow city council and all community leaders

#SaveRuchillCommunity centre and golf course

#SaveRuchillCommunity centre and golf course

Ruchill is a very poor working class area. Children and families really rely on the community centre for all outings, shows and sports facilities.

The golf course was also always busy and upkeep has been bad since lockdown.

Please don’t close our community or golf clubs.

We’re also desperate to Save our beloved local library for the same reasons: mass unemployment, nowhere to go for teenagers. The library now has rats because cleaning services have been cut.

The only joy we’ve got is in these amenities - please open them ASAP.

Why is this important?

It’s vital working classes join together to save all our closed communities, libraries and green spaces. This is more important than ever since lockdown 2020 due to covid-19.

671 Bilsland Dr, Glasgow G20 9NF, UK

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