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To: Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust and Jeremy Hunt

Saving Boston Hospital Children's ward

Saving Boston Hospital Children's ward

Keep Boston Pilgrim hospital Children's ward open

Why is this important?

The Children's ward at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital is under threat of temporary closure because of staff shortages. As the largest county in England, with it's population spread over a large area of mostly agricultural land it is imperative we keep this vital children's ward open. Grantham Hospital is also scheduled to close, so where are all the children going to go? This could put lives of children at risk!

Telling parents they simply have to drive further is not acceptable. Not all parents can drive, or have access to transport over long distances. What happens when the other hospital children's wards are all full? Surely this will just increase the pressure on other hospitals which are already at breaking point.

Will children be refused treatment if no beds are available? As the population is expanding why are essential services shrinking? What impact will this also have on the maternity ward, and children born requiring treatment or special care.


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Reasons for signing

  • I signed due to the already stretched system. Our children have the right to specialist health care. Already i have to travle out to nottinghamshire for specialist care. We need to think of the stretch on the sercices in sleaford and loncoln looking after everyone after the grantham hospital closures.
  • I got 2 kids and if they get ill Boston hospital to the closes to me and with an easy at access and have enough ambulances đźš‘ so they won’t have any deaths.
  • Our family needs this children’s ward to stay open. Our grandchildren have an rare illness that may need them to receive emergency treatment and a journey to Lincoln or Peterborough would put their lives at risk


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