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To: Tendring District Council Planning Comittee

SAY NO NOW! To future flooding disasters in Holland-on-Sea!

This campaign has ended.

Please do not allow developers to disperse the drainage and surface water from 132 houses, which will be built on previously designated green belt land into Pickers ditch, this will be at a rate of 16200 litres per hour!

Why is this important?

Holland-on-Sea is already suffering from flooding to roads and houses, the ditches are often waterlogged when we have bad weather, not well maintained and no longer dredged because of environmental issues. The drainage pipes cannot cope with the amount of water as it is, and that is without the additional water generated from the planned development!

ALL RESIDENTS of Tendring that use the narrow country road of Sladbury's Lane, are already being affected by regular flooding of the road and pathway. This has caused accidents and damage to vehicles and will undoubtably increase further, with greater flooding and the additional traffic generated from the Phase 1 housing development.

Tendring District Council had previously refused this planning application, with good reason, but it was unfortunately overridden by government. The developers won this battle, with no regards for the consequences it would have on the local people, who will now be at further risk of their homes flooding. Some homes already struggle to get insurance as their properties are considered a flood risk and are being refused by some insurance companies, additionally creating a situation where homes will be unsellable and loose considerable value!

We must oppose this drainage system for this development, if we do not want the situation we already have to become worse and worse again!! If more houses are approved on green belt land for a Phase 2 development, this would then affect more residents in the area, and more pressure on the struggling infrastructure of Holland on Sea.

Holland-on-Sea, UK

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