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To: Councillor Phil Davies

Say NO to car parking charges in Moreton

15/02/17 - Thank you for signing the petition Say NO to car parking charges in Moreton.

We are delighted to be able to tell you that the Leader of the Council has 'U Turned' and scrapped his proposals to introduce car parking charges in our Town, and other towns across the Borough. This is a real victory for people power here in Moreton

Say NO to car parking charges in Moreton

Re: Say NO to parking charges in Moreton

Dear Councillor Davies

We, the undersigned, are strongly opposed to the proposal for parking charges in Moreton.

We believe that introducing car parking charges in Moreton will hit businesses in our community. The results will be to deter people from visiting our town to shop while forcing those who do come here to park in the already congested side roads.

We ask you to kick out this proposal and do your bit to help the economy in our town.

Why is this important?

We have seen the rapid decline of Liscard, with major retailers leaving the Town because of parking charges, we don't want to see Moreton go down the same route.

Here in Moreton we are working with our local councillors to try to regenerate our town, to bring empty shops back into use and give a greater shopping experience.

We want the Council to invest in our town, to encourage businesses to set up here to make our area vibrant and sustainable.

Introducing car parking charges will have the opposite effect and only serve to destroy our town centre shopping area by driving custom away to areas where car parking is free.

How it will be delivered

By hand to Councillor Phil Davies

Moreton, Wirral

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Reasons for signing

  • I love Moreton
  • Visit grandparents on the Wirral and go for day trips with the grandchildren which we won't do if there's parking charges!
  • The car park charge will cause massive impact on those living close to the amenities, doctors, shops, libraries etc as people will do their utmost to avoid paying for what may be a relatively short visit. Typical Labour twisted logic. If someone can afford a car they can afford the car park?


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