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To: Madeline Homer, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Thanet District Council

Say NO to CPO

Say NO to CPO

Please do the right thing and decline the RiverOak offer and end the CPO of Manston.

Why is this important?

There are a number of people in Thanet who do not wish to see the Manston site return to an Airport.

Manston, Thanet District

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Reasons for signing

  • The latest information is that there would be 27000 flight per year representing 74 movments per day. The represents a massive negative environmental impact - pollution; noise and traffic (large trucks congestion. NO NO NO
  • Plans for alternative development make more economic sense and avoid noise pollution
  • I find it hard to understand why TDC would support a plan that will blight the lives of local residents whilst seeing any profit made on the back of that misery go abroad - wake up! We are about to be robbed twice over!!


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