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To: Cheshire West and Chester Council

Say no to fracking company IGas & their latest application in Cheshire

25/01/18 - We Won!

Thank you so much for signing, sharing and submitting detailed objections on the CWAC website. We achieved nearly 2500 objections and petition signatures and were ultimately successful on Thursday!

Some links here to news articles about the planning committees rejection.

Thanks again.

Ellesmere Port Frack Free - Part of the Frack Free Dee Coalition

Say no to fracking company IGas & their latest application in Cheshire

Reject this application for an extended flow test which includes using thousands of tonnes of acid and gas flaring.
On the grounds of the high risk to the environment, and high risk to public health, and a serious lack of risk assessment and emergency procedure planning in the event of an explosion in an area of dense highly explosive industrial plants, just 400m from residential properties.

Why is this important?

The numbers on this petition will count, but there would be more weight on the planning officers if you file individual objections...
The published deadline is being pushed on & there is still time, and you do not have to live in the local area.
Its straight forward but heres a simple guide (click on the 'Guide to Objecting') here...

This planning application is for a test that is the next step towards fracking; it includes the use of hydrochloric acid under high pressure to fracture and dissolve the shale to release trapped methane gas, although other toxic gases can be released also.
The process of testing the well involves burning the released gas in a ‘flare stack’ at ground level to ascertain the volume of gas available. This gas is untreated and will contain unburned methane, oxides of nitrogen, particulates, and BTEX chemicals (known carcinogens).
The testing & flaring process is intended to last 88 days.

Where fracking is done in Australia it is ruled that no homes should be in a 2KM radius of the well.
The UK is very different, we are highly populated and this particular site is in an industrial area, very close to storage plants of highly explosive materials.
This fracking well site is 1.7 km from the centre of Ellesmere Port, 400m from residential properties and schools, 270m from the Mersey Estuary SSI site and less than 100m from an industrial unit.

For more info please read-


Reasons for signing

  • Hasn't Ellesmere port got enough pollution to contend with already. Enough's enough!!
  • Scotland have placed an indefinite moratorium, so should England but greed outweighs common sense.
  • Haven't you lot ruined enough countryside and endangered enough lives yet?


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IGas drilled Ellesmere Port gas well 1,000m deeper than planning approval, says council -

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2017-08-21 10:18:13 +0100

Investigation launched after iGas’ “deeper than necessary” drilling in Ellesmere Port -

2017-08-21 10:17:26 +0100

Here is another useful guide to submitting a quality objection -