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We call on the relevant local councils to reject any existing and all future applications for licenses to commence any gas extraction drilling related operations in their boroughs including fracking, CBM, UCG and other unconventional gas extraction methods, until full disclosure can be provided to establish the scope and magnitude of the effects to the environment, geology, water supply, air quality and the community at large.

Where a risk to these factors exist, before any application is approved, license holders must commit contractually to mitigate these risks without exception, to ensure their operations cause no adverse affect to the environment and the communities they operate in.

Existing licenses must be re-evaluated to establish the scope of risks to the environment and community. Where these risks cannot be mitigated, operating licenses must be revoked.

We demand that the environment, health and the community is put first above all else.

Why is this important?

The evidence of the effects of existing Unconventional Gas Extraction operations around the world is a serious cause for concern.

The potential exists for toxic and radioactive water contamination, severe air pollution, tens of thousands of wells, pipelines and compressor stations devastating the countryside and blighting communities. The geological stability implications are also well documented. This form of unconventional gas extraction is short lived , whilst the environmental impact would last for generations. Fresh water supply requirements is another area of concern, potentially causing widespread drinking water shortages, reduced water quality and driving up prices.

Without full disclosure of the long term risks, enabling the people to determine the costs and benefits, licenses cannot and should not be granted. Many European countries and others further afield have issued blanket bans on unconventional gas extraction operations. The reasons for this need to be evaluated in order to decide whether 'we' in the UK are prepared to take the risk.

The only way this industry can take hold in the UK is if we allow it, in an open and transparent debate and being aware of the risks. There are many alternative methods of energy generation which can be researched and developed.

By declaring Bridgend County free from fracking we will be leading the way to a cleaner and more sustainable future.
We can set a precedent for other local authorities by showing that we are making responsible and positive changes in our community.

Fracking is not the answer to the UK’s energy challenges. It has been linked to water contamination, air pollution, earth tremors, health problems, decreasing house prices, climate change as well as hundreds of more lorry movements around fracking sites – and crucially, isn’t likely to bring down energy prices, nor create sustainable jobs.

The days of private companies destroying our communities to make a fast buck should belong to the past. Fracking is deeply unpopular and keeps us locked in to more fossil fuel use at exactly the time we need to be pursuing clean energy sources such as the sun, wind and waves which provide long term sustainable quality jobs for our communities as well as improving our environment for everyone both now and in the future.

A future based on and renewable technology and cutting waste could provide many jobs: renewable energy could support 400,000 jobs across the UK by 2020 and an energy efficiency programme could create 71,000 new jobs by 2015 as well as lifting thousands of families out of fuel poverty.

The environment and our communities must take top priority over all else!


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Reasons for signing

  • I want to live in an unpolluted world
  • sign it and save our land from this disgusting plan.
  • In the hope it will lead to a fracking ban across the border.


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