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To: George Osborne - The Chancellor

Say no to George Osborne spending £50m on the National England Football Team

Say no to George Osborne spending £50m on the National England Football Team

Mr Osborne has pledged to invest £50 million into the National England Football Team in the off chance that we might win the next World Cup. The Government's funding will go to provide more all-weather pitches and national coaching.

We want the Chancellor to save this money and invest it more wisely into things such as the NHS or other public sectors, foodbanks, social care, education, or even better - the economy's deficit.

Why is this important?

After Abu Dhabi's leading royal Sheikh Mansour committed to investing in the UK, at the opening of a new £150m football academy by Manchester City Football Club, the Chancellor wanted to do the same.

This is important to campaign against because there are currently almost 1,000,000 people in the UK who are having to resort to food banks to survive whilst the Government splashes £50 million on something that isn't a priority.

Reasons for signing

  • It's obscene to give a football team 50 million, when people can't afford the feed themselves properly & buy clothes for there families, And hospitals cancelling Operations because of no money. Discussing!!!!
  • #doyoudothefootball?
  • Too much money being paid to a sport that makes billions where players are paid over inflated salaries. That and the fact that Scottish team would not be in the running for any government funding neither would Wales or Ireland so what would be the rational for spending so much of the tax payers money onthis.. Are there not a lot better things to spend that kind of money on intheses times..No of course not not if it is to promote England and not great britain..


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