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To: Staffordshire County Council

Say No to School Transport Costs

UPDATE: GREAT NEWS: WE WON! Staffordshire council have announced that they’re scrapping plans to start charging pupils £380 to get to school.

Say No to School Transport Costs

Dear Councillors

Please do not pass the new school transport policy which will mean a huge cost implication for many parents across Staffordshire.

This is an unfair policy as it does not take into account household income. For many families the nearest school is not the local catchment school so they have no way of avoiding the extra cost of £380 per year for each child.

Why is this important?

Staffordshire County Council is proposing to charge £380 a year per child for transport where children are not attending the nearest school. The figure does not take proper account of income and could be increased.

For thousands of families their nearest school is not the local catchment school there is no way of avoiding this cost. An estimated 72 schools are affected and could face losing pupils.

In Perton where I live the nearest school is in Wolverhampton which is another Local Education Authority. We have no choice but to send children to Codsall if we want them to go to the local catchment school.

The council is suggesting that pupils should walk to school if parents can't afford the transport costs or drive them, but with many of the those affected living in rural areas, walking along unlit 60 mile an hour roads is not a safe or viable option. It will also lead to a increased volume of cars on many roads causing disruption and congestion to other travellers.

This policy is poorly thought through and unfair especially at a time when many families are already struggling to make ends meet.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be presented on the 18th June at Codsall Village Hall during the consultation meeting. please turn up between 6 and 7 to show your support .

We will be doing a final delivery of the petition for the 12th July when the consultation closes.

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

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I attended the consultation meeting last night, spending around 30 minutes with one of the members of the transport committee. They listened to our views, made notes and accepted the petition. This is just the start . Thanks to those who turned up for the Demo in support . I think we managed to make our views known.