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To: Lake District National Park Authority

Say No to the proposed plans to build a Premier Inn in Ambleside

Say No to the proposed plans to build a Premier Inn in Ambleside


Please say No to the proposal to build a Premier Inn in Ambleside

Why is this important?

Ambleside has plenty of accommodation providers to suit all visitors to the area. The tourist industry is built around the individuality of Ambleside. There will be a serious and significant financial impact on our existing B&B's, Guest Houses and hotels. The area is within the Conservation area which is thought to be the site of the original Viking settlement in Ambleside and contains all of the very oldest buildings.The proposed Premier Inn will mean the demolition of the original Victorian building known as Hill Top to enable a new 65 bedroom build and will be both detrimental and invasive to the privacy of local dwellings. The priority use for Hill Top should have been for more social housing, but capital gain came into play. The road and access is unsuitable for the proposed volume of additional vehicles and service vehicles associated with a Premier Inn. Your signature counts. Please help protect Ambleside and the Lake District.

Hill Top Ambleside

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Reasons for signing

  • because I don't think we need a premier inn
  • It's difficult to imagine a more inappropriate proposal for this site
  • The knock on impact to locally owned and run bnbs will be huge, and will rip the very heart out of Ambleside and the whole reason people travel from miles around to go there. We need to preserve the precious local environment within our national park not ruin it with corporate gluttony


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