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To: Mendip District Council and Somerset County Council

Say Yes to the Worminster Down Solar Array

Say Yes to the Worminster Down Solar Array

Please support the Good Energy proposal to erect a solar array on Worminster Down, North Wootton.

Why is this important?

What is there not to like? This locally supported project will generate enough clean, safe and secure electricity for 3,400 homes which is equivalent to 71% of homes in Wells. Wildlife habitats will be enhanced with hedge and tree planting and the installation of bat and bird boxes. The land will also continue to be used for grazing sheep. The site is on a hill and not visible from nearby roads or the nearby village of North Wootton. There will be a financial community benefit for local residents. Transition Wells supports renewable energy, where there is local community support, financial community benefit, and when sites are located on non crop producing land. We see renewable energy as being gentler on the planet and part of creating sustainable communities and thereby securing a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Wells, Somerset

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Reasons for signing

  • Solar Energy is the future
  • I am a Caretaker of land below the proposed development and support the project from Good Energy, my power supplier unreservedly
  • Perfect site to increase renewables


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