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To: Department of Education

School Phobia, School Refusal & Separation Anxiety-is recognised within the Dept.

School Phobia, School Refusal & Separation Anxiety-is recognised within the Dept.

Train Educational Professionals, disorder specific guidelines, introduce & adjust policies and provide support for families.

Why is this important?

It is important that children with School Refusal, School Phobia and Separation Anxiety receive mental health support and are not over-ridden by adults, professionals and supporting staff. Currently, children with the debilitating mental illness are forced, restrained and belittled as tactics for continued attendance. Parents are also threatened with attendance penalties and Court action which needs to be removed from policy.

These actions against parents and direct action to the child, worsens the condition as trust becomes diminished, causes more distress to the child, stress and pressure to the families who also report in vast numbers attempted suicide, self harm and running away. Our children must be listened to, heard and allowed to use their voices in the strive to move forward, rehabilitate and allow them to continue with a future. Spending and funds must be put in place as presently, schools and some professionals refuse to acknowledge school refusal, school phobia and its causes either as a budget strategy or simply mis-diagnose.

The UK Government state that Home Educational Support will be given for children who cannot attend school. However, without correct diagnosis and acknowledgement, these children won't have access to any such resources. Thank you for taking the time to read about School Refusal Children and the impact on families.

Reasons for signing

  • It's tough when your child has mental health problems, trying to be strong for them every day, & cajol them towards normality.Then the archaic school attendance system kicks you in the guts; threatens fines and prosecution; & your parenting judged by a complete stranger. An adult can be off work with anxiety & that's fine, but if you're a child who is off school with anxiety about school, then that's not allowed and your parents are breaking the law, and need to be punished. Get real!
  • We are currently in 'limbo' waiting for a diagnosis for ASD for our 14 year old daughter who hasn't been to school for 7 weeks. We are finding it very difficult to access any support as her condition deteriorates and so does our family life.
  • My son is a 'school refuser', it was put down as separation anxiety and the blame was put on me. Primary school did not want to help. Now several years on he is in secondary school and our new doctor is listening and can sympathise and insists he is tested for autism.


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